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British Glass exists for the benefit of its members. Our priority is to represent the interests of our members at local, national and EU level with direct contact and through government agents.  However, we are not simply a trade association, but are both a trade confederation and a materials organisation (MO), a centre of excellence representing all  glass manufacturing sectors and associated industries – including raw materials suppliers, machinery producers, glass recyclers, refractory makers, glass wholesalers, brand owners and retailers, to name but a few.

We are a centre of international excellence, assisting companies around the globe solve their technical, environmental and production challenges. We promote the interests of our members and create conditions in which the glass sector, and associated industries, can prosper.

Benefits of Membership

Positive, Constructive Engagement with Authorities

Offering constructive engagement with authorities, rather than simply reactively lobbying, allows British Glass to foster relationships and constructively advise government officials, influencers and senior civil servants across all relevant authorities.  

Power from a Strong, Clear, Unified Voice

The weight of the glass industry and its’ extensive supply chain is significant and, by representing our members and presenting a clear, consolidated message, British Glass has influence at regional, national and international spheres.

The Opportunity to Shape Public Policy

Members are encouraged to join internal and external forums and committees giving participants the opportunity to shape public policy.

Understand Regulations, Technical Issues and Concerns

Our members find they have more time to spend doing the things they love – i.e. work, because we do the hard task of dissecting rules and regulations for them!  We help make the task of manufacturing in the UK less burdensome by scrutinising existing and new legislation which may affect their production processes.  

Stay Safe!

We offer health and safety advice, legislative updates, access to committees, direction on how to understand codes of practice and access to The Glass Charter – an industry scheme promoting H&S and Best Practice with the objective of reducing the number of accidents within the workplace.

Information When You Need it

Help and advice is at the end of the phone – at the time you need it.  Our information helpline, dedicated library, industry statistics, access to standards, news and bespoke research is here whenever you request it. Technical Information assistance includes: Energy Auditing, Environmental Legislation Updates and Data Collection.  

Ensuring Skills, Development & Opportunities

We aim to make sure these opportunities exist for the current workforce and grow for future generations in this exciting and diverse industry.  Initiatives such as The Glass Academy, funded by the UK government, aim to promote career opportunities, fund, support and deliver education and training with industrial partners and better understand, and overcome, the growing skills gap in the United Kingdom.

Promoting the Benefits of Glass as a Material

Ensuring that this unique substance continues to be a primary material of choice where it provides the best solution for a range of applications, products and components and to raise public awareness of the benefits that glass provides and its extensive use in our everyday lives.  

Cultivating the Benefits of Glass Recycling

Supporting the infrastructure to facilitate glass recycling is of prime concern to British Glass.  We ensure the industry is ready to comply with a series of tough packaging recycling targets proposed by the government from 2013-17.  

Stimulate Innovation, Research and Further Development

We strive to stimulate innovation, R&D and further development of the material glass, associated technologies, uses and applications.  Partially through our traditional working groups and stakeholder engagement, but also more proactively by facilitating discussion on specific threats or opportunities identified by the industry, its supply chain or competitors.  

Unrivalled Technical Expertise

Our technical arm, Glass Technology Services (GTS), is a world-renowned centre of excellence, helping companies around the globe to solve technical and production challenges.

Quality Assured

In 2007 British Glass added ISO:14001 - joining ISO:9001 and ISO:17025 - to its well established reputation for quality. ISO:14001 reflects the growing focus within the UK business community on environmental issues which often go hand-in-hand with cost saving - this is particularly true within the energy intensive sector which British Glass primarily serves where price increases over the last few years have made energy savings - even small ones - valuable. Link: BG Environmental Policy Statement

For more information on how to become a British Glass member contact one of our members of staff on +44(0)114 2901850.

  • British Glass represents the interests of primary glass manufacturers and the glass supply-chain, from raw materials to retail and the end-consumer" credits="n/a" >
  • Modern life would not be possible without glass
    But, what is this amazing substance, where does it come from and how is it made?" credits="n/a" >
  • Find a reputable supplier from our member directory" credits="n/a" >
  • Learn about the different methods of manufacturing glass in our information section" credits="n/a" >
  • Did you know that Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times without loss of quality, strength or functionality?" credits="n/a" >
  • We provide relevant, impartial, and comprehensive advice and information - from leading experts across key legislative areas" credits="n/a" >
  • British Glass represents the interests of primary glass manufacturers and the glass supply-chain, from raw materials to retail and the end-consumer" credits="n/a" >
  • Learn about the amazing material glass" credits="n/a" >
  • British Glass represents the interests of primary glass manufacturers and the glass supply-chain, from raw materials to retail and the end-consumer" credits="n/a" >
  • Our enviromental section goes into more depth on the environmental and energy issues affecting the glass supply chain" credits="n/a" >


The oldest examples of glass are Egyptian beads dating from 12,000 BC.

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